ball & sticka digital print installation by Tim Westbury

There are only molecules. Everything else is sociology.

            James Watson

Over the past few years I have intermittently returned to work on a series of vivid digital images I simply referred to as Imagined Molecules. Making use of vintage (circa 1993) open-source molecular modelling software called MicroWorld, I am able to manipulate atoms to develop and visualize chemically impossible molecules onscreen. The software permits an onscreen fly-through of these sub-microscopic images and when I find an interesting view, I capture a still. Each molecule is then dropped into random backgrounds generated by a similar vintage digital Photoshop filter set known as Kai’s Power Tools (KPT), which allows me to render them in suitably otherworld settings.

Although three images from the series hung in the background of a recent installation in the Sugar Cube Gallery (August 2012), this presentation in the Window Galleries of the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts (now Arts Commons, Calgary) is an opportunity to see the whole twenty-four panel suite together for the first time. An artist book also accompanies this exhibition.

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